Chiropractic In The Outer Banks – Natural Back Pain Relief w/ Pettibon Exercises

On this video, Dr. Craig McGiffin walks us through a regular visit to his chiropractic clinic in Southern Shores, guiding one of his patients through a couple of warm-up stretches for the spine and the neck , showing some of the most common adjustments, and then some of the unique Pettibon correctional tools.

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First, you’ll see Linda going through the Cervical Traction exercise where Dr. McGiffin helps her allocate a small amount of pressure into her back and neck muscles.

Then, Linda sits on the “wobble chair” and on what is seems like a sitting dance, she stretches her lower back and hips, enough to get her ready for the actual adjustment, done on the table.

At the table, adjustments are made to her lower and upper back, and to relieve her neck pain, Dr. McGiffin uses a small activation “gun” that stimulates nerve endings to help soothe stiffness and pain.

Once the adjustments are finished, Linda puts on the patented Pettibon weighting system. Because her muscles are now stretched and more flexible, the weights will help solidify the corrections made.

As you see on the video, the entire visit is very comfortable to the patient and produces results almost instantly.

If you’re in pain, and would like to try a drug-free, gentle, and effective treatment, sign up on the site and receive a free consultation at our Chiropractic clinic in the Outer Banks.

See you soon!

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