When Alberta finally decided to visit a chiropractic specialist, she was in a lot of pain. She was unable to walk more

This is how Alberta walked when she came in and why.

This is how Alberta walked when she came in and why.

than a few feet at a time while hunched over, due to fused vertebrae in her lower spine. Her medical doctor had given her a prescription for a serious painkiller and sent her on her way. With no other option than living with debilitating pain, she came in for a visit.

“I was tired of going to the doctor and just getting a refill on my meds. My sister had been a patient of Dr. Craigs, and she suggested I see him. I had never ben to a chiropractor before, and I was a little skeptical.

When I first came in,  I was immediatley struck by how polite and welcoming Dr. Craig and his staff were. Dr. Craig examined me, and then he explained what treatments he recommended. We set up a schedule to follow, and within just a few weeks, I could walk around the house again. Now I can even go shopping with my family. Thank you Dr. Craig!”

Alberta’s story is similar to a lot of Dr. Craigs patients.  If you have trouble with your back, don’t give up. Come in for a visit with the premiere chiropractor on the Outer Banks, and let Dr. Craig help you.

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