Can Your Medication’s Side Effects Be A Problem?

Don't forget to read the label!

Don't forget to read the label!

We all know to bring a list of medications we are taking when we see a doctor, but should we also include medications we stopped taking months ago? The answer is yes, as we can see in this post by Dr. Graeme Gibson, D.C of Seattle .

Dr. Gibson tells of a young practice member who was suffering a hamstring injury she attributed to her active lifestyle.  She later found that the real issue was detached tendons on her pelvic floor.  This is a very uncommon injury for a healthy, young woman and she decided to look over medications she had been taking recently.

One medication she had stopped taking a couple of months back was ciprofloxacin, commonly known as Cipro.  In her research she found that the most common side of effect of Cipro is spontaneous tendon rupture.  To make matters just a little more muddy, the spontaneous tendon rupture occurs 2-3 months after taking Cipro.  Since Cipro is used to fight bacterial infections and will not be used indefinitely, there is usually a month or two between the end of Cipro usage and the tendon rupture.  This most likely leads to faulty assumptions about the cause of the injury because we are more apt to blame any type of recent activity than we are a drug we haven’t taken in months.

This is one reason why you should always read the information on all medications you take and keep a list of all medications you have taken in the past.  One of your doctors may be able to help you sort out a problem with roots in your medication history.

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  1. That is disturbing that a drug like Cipro can have such major effects several weeks or months after usage.

    Health Bandits are everywhere…

    Dr. Michael Quadlander

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