Chiropractic Treatment for Tennis Elbow in Dare County

Everyone knows that tennis elbow is something that happens to tennis players.  In fact, only about 5% of those suffering from tennis elbow actually play tennis. So much for it being a sport injury.

Tennis elbow is a common problem caused by many different activities, including the sport of tennis.  A backhand swing in tennis can cause strain in the elbows muscle and tendons, as can activities such as painting, using a hammer or chainsaw, pruning shrubs, and other everyday arm movements common to working people on the Outer Banks.

Tennis elbow is usually caused by repetitive movements at the wrist.  Specifically, the movement of the thumb outwards and the palm upwards, repeated many times on a regular basis, strains on the tendons and muscles of the elbow.  This means that the problem will not “work itself out” if you continue the same movements, but will continue to worsen.

Symptoms of tennis elbow include:

  • Pain and tenderness on outside of the elbow
  • Difficulty extending the forearm
  • Pain when bending the arm
  • Weakness in the wrist
  • Pain when carrying or lifting

One home test for tennis elbow is trying to hold a book with your palm facing the floor.  If it causes pain then you are likely suffering from tennis elbow.

Chiropractic treatment for tennis elbow may include soft tissue therapies, adjustment of the lateral elbow, and laser therapy.  It may also include adjustment of the wrist, since this is where tennis elbow generally starts.  Rehabilitation exercises such as stretching for the elbow and wrist are important to help prevent future injuries.

Dr. Craig McGiffin at Clearview Wellness can help you overcome your tennis elbow.  Call the number one chiropractor on the Outer Banks today for all of your chiropractic issues.

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