Olympic athlete or weekend warrior

This weekend many of us will partake in a tradition that has gone on for much of civilized history, watching the Olympics.  It is truly a spectators dream to witness the culmination of years of sweat, sacrifice, discipline and training of so many gifted athletes, play out in mere moments.   Most of us will not reach that level of athleticism in our lives.  However, but if you are like me and many others, living, playing, performing to our highest potential is the dream, everyday.

I am so proud to be part of a proffession that supports that dream.  In this summers games there are, “28 DCs in the Olympic polyclinic–a multi-disciplinary medical services team provided by the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games–led by Tom Greenway, DC. In addition, there are 27 other DCs working with foreign countries and teams from around the world… U.S. athletes will be cared for by an additional nine chiropractic physicians.”

Good luck to all the athletes on the US team and here at home!

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