Lower Back Problems? Treatment on the Outer Banks

One of the main reasons people reach out and consult with a chiropractor is because of pain. For many, this is lower back pain. Lower back pain is not just concentrated in the lower back region. Instead, it radiates into the hips and legs. Much like any type of pain, it can also affect the nervous system, digestive system and internal organs. As such, lower back injury can be the cause of additional pain and tightness.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractor Treatment in the Outer Banks

Treatment by a chiropractor usually involves spinal manipulation or adjustment of the lower back. It may also include massage, hotpacks and electrical muscle stimulation. Don’t worry about how it sounds. Adjustment is gentle and there’s no jarring of the body.

The conventional medical approach for lower back pain is often to prescribe medication to reduce inflammation and pain killers. Although this can be quite effective in terms of aching and inflammation, medication is not actually treating the underlying issue.

With the chiropractic model, however, a patient’s history examined. If the patient has had prior tightness, spasms or pain, these are noted. As such, treatment might include adjustment, muscle release, exercises and stretching. Instead of using chemicals to treat the symptoms, chiropractors treat the structure and cause of the problem.

In lower back adjustment, the chiropractor will get you to lie on your side. One leg is placed over and in front of the other. The chiropractor will have you cross your arms and move your body in a certain direction to perform the adjustment. Sometimes there’s a sound or noticeable movement.

Chiropractic Exercises

Stretching exercises help to relieve lower back pain problems. Ensure that both sides of your body receive the same amount of stretching. Don’t go overboard as it will create more injury. Don’t jerk – gentle stretching is the key to chiropractic exercises and pain prevention.

Lower back pain is a common condition across the population. With some gentle chiropractic treatment in the Outer Banks, advice and light stretching exercises with Dr. Casey Titus, you can alleviate that annoying and often agonizing lower back pain. Getting to the underlying problem, rather than just treating the symptoms, is a priority of Outer Banks Chiropractic treatment at the Clearview Wellness Clinic.

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