“My Lower Back Pain Is Gone” – Outer Banks Chiropractic Care Testimonial

chronic back pain management outer banks

Chronic Back Pain Management in the Outer Banks

This is a testimonial given by Margaret Seagroves to Clearview Wellness clinic after being treated by Dr. Craig McGiffin at his Outer Banks Chiropractic Clinic. Her results are unique and may differ from the average results. Every patient is unique, and so is the treatment.


Major Compaint:

Lower back pain, sciatica on the right hip, leg cramps, muscle tightness on the right leg, tension in the back of neck since mid ’70s.

Past History:

I have had many MRI’s, gone through tons of physical therapy, and even surgery! I’ve been in pain since the mid Seventies.

Chiropractic Results:

I can move freely now. The pain has ceased almost completely. The best part is that I can now sleep at night!

My lower back pain is gone. I would and DO TELL everyone about my results with Dr. Craig’s treatment. It’s wonderful!


Dr. Craig McGiffin sees patients at his Southern Shores chiropractic office, Clearview Wellness, and can be reached toll-free at 1-888-408-9323.

He also provides a private line of communication with him through a secure form on his website, ChiropracticCareOBX.com. Simply ask your question and Dr. Craig will personally contact you.

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