By beginning a chiropractic treatment plan you are taking an important step in taking control of your back health and future well-being.

Back Pain is a VERY common condition that 80% or more of the population suffers from periodically.  Chiropractic care is helpful in not only reducing  immediate pain episodes, but can also identify the cause of your pain and provide you common sense recommendations for how to reduce the likelihood of future episodes.

When you visit Clearview Chiropractic for the first time, Dr. Casey Titus will perform a thorough evaluation and exam to determine what is causing your problem and any other contributing factors.  X-rays are provided if they determined to be necessary during the exam.  A diagnosis is then determined, and a treatment plan will be recommended based on your individual condition.  Referrals to other providers and specialists will be made when appropriate.

Repetitive occurrences of back pain can be caused by injury, chronic poor ergonomics, or simply degenerative changes, which are a common side effect of natural aging that makes your joints and surrounding tissues more vulnerable. Despite severity, not all pain requires aggressive interventions; in fact much of it can be treated with non-surgical techniques. In most cases there are 4 tissues that generate the pain:

1. Disc

2. Facet and SI Joints

3. Nerve Root

4. Muscles

As a conservative provider, Dr. Titus uses many accepted techniques including joint manipulation, Flexion/Distraction manipulation, traction, advanced muscle and fascial release, cold laser/ e-stim.  These treatments are intended to:

1. Decrease pain

2. Relax muscle spasm

3. Increase range of motion at joint

4. Restore normal movement

Dr. Titus will provide you personalized recommendations for exercises, stretching and other tools you can perform yourself to promote improvement of your condition and, ideally, limit or prevent future pain episodes.



  1. Beverly Shields says:

    Are you familiar with the Graston Technique? We spend 4 mo in Florida and my chiropractor here uses it on me which is a Godsend! I would love to come see you in April when we return to Manteo. Thank you. Bev Shields

    • Hi Bev,
      Graston Technique is a patented form of a broader type of therapy called Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, IASTM for short. While Dr Titus does not perform Graston, she does utilize a number of soft tissue techniques including IASTM with Myodac tools and some times traditional Gua Sha tools. We would be happy to set up a consult when you return so that you have the opportunity to decide if we can address your needs.

      Safe Travels!

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