It’s the end of June, and for some of us, football season has never seemed so far away. With that in mind, here’s a brief article about the use of chiropractics by football trainers by Brian Starry, D.C.  It’s an interesting look at the frequency of use and recommendations for chiropractic care in the National Football League. It’s an easy read about a great sport.

Dr. Starry explains that 75% of athletes suffer from back pain. And he also suggests that number may be higher for football players. Probably a safe guess.  Football is one of the most physically punishing team sports in the country, and that has to equate into a large number of back injuries. Having a 250+ guy tackle you has to knock your spine around.

While injuries are possible in any sport, football injuries are pretty common, even with all of the protective gear. And it’s not just the NFL. Football players of every level, right done to high school can suffer from back pain and other injuries. It goes with out saying that chiropractic care can benefit anyone of any age.

If you have a family member who plays football and is experiencing back pain, spinal decompression therapy can help them. Dr. Craig McGiffin has extensive experience helping injured athletes with their sports related injuries. Make an appointment with Dr. Craig at his chiropractic clinic in Southern Shores and get your back pain resolved.

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