Fighting Childhood Obesity on the Outer Banks

The future of America's youth?

The future of America's youth?

Today we bring you a post from from Chiropractic Studies about childhood obesity and lower back pain. It clearly shows the correlation between the two and gives one pause when considering their child’s diet. Childhood obesity is a serious issue affecting our country, and needs to be halted. It is likely that back pain is the least of their future health concerns.

Over one third of our country is overweight, and it is starting to affect our children as well. Children are especially susceptible to learning unhealthy behaviors when it comes to food and exercise. It can be difficult to get your child to get off the couch and go out to play, when instant forms of gratification are all around.

And dietary choices are also suffering, thanks to the prevalence of fast food, sugar cereal, and candy. Everywhere your child goes, he is enticed by advertisements, coercing him to eat junk food. And since children are not yet aware of the terrible toll these foods have on the body, it is up to the parents to ensure their children make healthy eating choices.

Encourage your child to eat from a selection of healthy foods. Suggest water to drink over super sweetened soft drinks. Keep a variety of fruits and vegetables around for snacks rather than candy or chips or something equally unhealthy. And most importantly, encourage your child to be active. Limit TV, computer and video games to a negligible amount of time each day.

It is only with the full support of parents that we can eliminate chilhood obesity in America.

This article was brought to you by Dr. Craig McGiffin and his Outer Banks chiropractic care center.


  1. Len Saunders says:

    So many young children are experiencing lower back pain due to obesity, as well as other health risks. Enjoyed the article.

    • Craig McGiffin, D.C. says:

      Len, thank you for stopping by the blog. You’re correct, these common pains wouldnt be an issue if kids were more active, but it also reflects the huge amount of weight in their school backpacks.
      Look forward to seeing you here more often!

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