How to Cure Your Back Pain with Chiropractics!

A chiropractor should be the first person you consult when you have back pain. A chiropractor can help alleviate your back pain without surgery or medication and advise you how to avoid back injuries in the future.

The Outer Banks Chiropractor can help you with a variety of ailments, back pain being one of the most common.  Roughly eight million Americans are seen by chiropractors every year for back pain, and eighty percent of all people will have back problems at some time.  Outer Banks Chiropractic treats many people for back pain from sports, accidents, and work related incidents.

Your Outer Banks Chiropractor will first need to get your medical history and then examine you.  There are various options for treating back pain available at Outer Banks Chiropractic, including cold laser therapy with our M6 Class IV Therapeutic Laser. Treatment will likely involve spinal manipulation, which means using the hands to properly align the spine.

Proper spinal alignment is essential for giving the body a chance to heal itself. You should also know that federal government research by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research recommends spinal manipulation as done by a chiropractor for initial treatment of acute back pain because it is safe and effective.  Consulting your Outer Banks Chiropractor concerning your back pain can give you relief without surgery or medication.

Dr. Craig McGiffin at his Outer Banks chiropractic clinic in Southern Shores is ready to help you alleviate your back pain.  Be sure to ask Dr. Craig for advice on diet, exercise, and lifestyle to help avoid back pain in the future.


  1. Thanks for sharing this great information with us, it sure make my days a lot better. chiropractic care helped me to recover a lot.

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