The New Outer Banks Chiropractor

Goodbye Dr. McGiffin, Hello Dr. Titus

Goodbye Dr. McGiffin, Hello Dr. Titus

The Clearview Wellness Clinic on the Southern Shores is under new management. With Dr. Casey Titus taking over from Dr. McGiffin, the Outer Banks chiropractic continues to prescribe and promote effective chiropractic treatment that prevents the need for debilitating surgery and/or medication.

Chiropractic involves working with the body’s natural ability to heal and regulate. One aspect concentrated upon is that of the body’s nervous system. As such, chiropractic looks at finding hindrances (often spinal bones) to the normal functioning of the body and works to reduce them. This way the body’s nervous system can perform at its full capacity.

Despite the new face, Dr. Casey continues to provide the same services offered by Dr. Craig, including those ailments related to: Headaches; Fibromyalgia; Arthritis; Car Accidents; Sports Injuries; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; and, Lower Back Pain.

Whether you’re experiencing numbness, joint pain or a pinched nerve, Dr. Casey will work with you to provide the best solution possible. If necessary, she will refer you on to the most appropriate care provider.

Dr. Casey is looking forward to meeting all her valued clients and getting to know how she can help improve your overall wellbeing and achieve your healthcare goals.

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