Herniated Disc treated with Spinal Decompression

Herniated Disc treated with Spinal Decompression

We’ve already shown how much spinal decompression therapy benefited Walter, a gentleman who was told he’d be on a wheel chair and that was given the chance to walk after only a few sessions. But this time, Dr. McGiffin interviews a patient that has just stepped out of the DRX9000 for the first time ever.

On the video, you’ll also see a MRI image from Joe’s spine, where you can easily spot the herniated disc on his lower back. Notice how his upper discs are white and how the lower discs are almost completely dark? That’s where his pain is coming from.

Joe says he had been experiencing numbness on his toes, painful shocks through the side of his thighs, and an increasing difficulty even walking.

You’ll see how he felt after only a single session:

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