While at first it may seem ridiculous to think a child may need chiropractic attention, the truth may surprise you. We’ve already talked about Annie, one of Dr. Craig McGiffin’s toddler patients. Now here is an article that will shed more light on the role of chiropractics in children’s health.

Chiropractics: Pain free treatment for children.

Chiropractics: Pain free treatment for children.

This article, written by Dr. Peter Flysh, puts to rest unfounded claims about childhood chiropractic care being unsafe for the child. It also examines in greater detail the causes for spinal misalignment in children. The article states that while not every child would benefit from chiropractics, the ones who can definitely will.

The article also explains exactly what a chiropractor does to treat a child, and points out that it is a pain free procedure. Also, since a childs spine is more easily formed than an adults, there are fewer visits necessary.

So if your child is exhibiting any of the symptoms Dr. Flysh describes, then call Dr. Craig for an appointment. Dr. Craig has years of experience dealing with children patients, and is one of the premiere chiropractors on the Outer Banks.

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