Herniated Disc’s – Another Chiropractor’s Opinion

Let’s let someone else do the talking today. This is a great post on herniated disc’s by Dr. Todd P. Sullivan of Springfield, VA.

In this post, Dr. Sullivan describes what a herniated disc is, the inner core of a disc leaking out as it wears down. He then goes on to describe the multitude of symptoms and forms of non-surgical treatment. He wraps it up by explaining Spinal Decompression Therapy, an extremely beneficial chiropractic technique.

The post is easy to read and not very long, but full of interesting information.

This isn’t the first time we have talked about spinal decompression therapy. We’ve already shown how much spinal decompression therapy benefited Walter, a gentleman who was told he’d be on a wheel chair and that was given the chance to walk after only a few sessions. And don’t forget Joe, who also benefited from the technique.

And remember, if you have a herniated disc, come see Dr. Craig McGiffin, the premiere Outer Banks chiropractic care giver,  at his office in Southern Shores.

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