Helping Sports Injuries on the Outer Banks

There are a lot of active people on the Outer Banks. On any given day,  there are people running and bicycling up and down the beach road, and with six schools in the area, teen athletics abound. With all this activity, sports injuries are a given. So the question is, How effective is chiropractic care with a sports related injury?

Well, here is an article about several studies that examined the role of chiropractics in sports. It’s not the easiest thing to read, but it’s worth the effort. It compares several different sports and treatment patterns.

See a chiropractor to stay on your feet.

See a chiropractor to stay on your feet.

And while most of the sports examined are less common in the United States, sports injuries tend to be similar no matter the cause. An injured hamstring is an injured hamstring, whether from Australian football or American football.

And the consensus is chiropractic medicine, combined with traditional medical treatment, seems to provide more relief to an injury than just traditional medical treatment.This should really come as no surprise, as chiropractics focuses on joints and the spine, which are commonly injured areas in sports.

So if you’re suffering from an injury from that pick-up game of basketball, or whatever sport you prefer, make an appointment with Dr. Craig McGiffin, the premiere Outer Banks chiropractor. Being an athletic guy himself, he is very familiar with sports injuries and his first hand knowledge is to your benefit.

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