Tips on Shoulder Pain and Relief

Today we bring you an article from a practitioner of Active Release Techniques in LA, Dr. Vera Brown. ART is similiar to chiropractics in that it promotes more natural healing without relying on narcotics and invasive procedures.

In this article on Shoulder Pain-Injury and Prevention, Dr. Vera explains the potential causes of shoulder pain and injury. She also gives a few measures you can take to prevent the injury in the first place. It’s a well written piece, and is very well presented by Dr. Vera in a clear and thoughtful manner.

While Dr. Vera focuses on ART, the advice she gives is the same no matter what. Shoulder injuries are no fun, and are a common sport injury. While they are common, prevention is a simple matter of strengthening the muscles in the shoulder to prevent the injury in the first place.

All too often, people with shoulder injuries ignore it, thinking it is a temporary pain and will go away after they “work it out”. Ignoring the injury can lead to long term damage, that may be resistant to treatment. Any pain that lasts for an extended period of time should be checked out to prevent this type of long term injury.

If you’ve already hurt your shoulder, Dr. Craig McGiffin has extensive experience treating this and other types of sport injury. Make an appointment with him at his Outer Banks chiropractic clinic and let the healing begin.

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