Although World Health Day is technically today, the events planned this year will be running throught April 11th.

Climb Hatteras Lighthouse for a healthier you!

Climb Hatteras Lighthouse for a healthier you!

World Health Day 2010 will focus on urbanization and health. With the campaign “1000 cities – 1000 lives”, events will be organized worldwide calling on cities to open up streets for health activities. Stories of urban health champions will be gathered to illustrate what people are doing to improve health in their cities.

While unfortunately the World Health Organization has yet to turn it’s eye on the Outer Banks, this does not need to stop you from participating in spirit.

There are many many healthy activities you can do on the beach that will cost you almost nothing, if they are not outright free.

You could climb to the top of Cape Hatteras lighthouse, or the Wright Brothers Memorial. Both offer breathtaking views from the top and the arduous climb to see them is well worth it. Plus it is a healthy exercise.

A trip to the top of Jockey’s Ridge is a heart healthy activity, and if you get to just the right spot, it’s possible to see both the Albemarle Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, making you realize just how small our beach really is.

A leisurely bike ride down Highway 12 can be a relaxing trip, as can a stroll along the beach itself. There are many options for the health conscious individual looking for something to do.

Activities such as biking and walking help keep you in shape and limber.  So while we may not be one of the 1000 cities visited by the WHO, don’t let that slow you down. Take a healthy, heart-happy tour of the Outer Banks.

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